Friday, January 22, 2010

Vanderkitty Needs A Home!!!

It’s not often that a stray cat walks into my store but last Wednesday that’s just what happened. Over the past week we had heard a cat crying but didn’t know where he/she was living. When the sun finally came out on Wednesday, so did the cat from under our store. This kitty is a young female who looks to be in excellent health. She acts more like a dog than a cat, following everyone around wherever they go. She doesn’t cat nap and doesn’t mind the cold. She can even stand on her hind legs. She has a tortoise shell/tabby coat, is part Persian, with a magnificent tail, has a great stripe down her nose and a purr that is as quiet as a mouse. If you live near the beach and want a kitty to keep you company, I’ve got the one for you. We have named her Topaz but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you changed her name as long as you feed and love her.

WARNING - if you look at these pictures, you will soon own a cat.

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