Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vanderkitten HAS arrived at the beach!

The Vanderkittens have now arrived at the beach and are making their way to the podium quickly!
Congratulations to Julie for winning the "B" race at the Cyclocross Winter Endurance Challenge Saturday in Virginia Beach. Julie also won her age group in the duathlon today.
We're so excited that we have 3 new AWESOME girls to our VK team. That would be mountain biker, Ali. She's one tough kitten and has been riding mountain bikes since she was 17, a tough one to beat. Tri-girl, Julie, she RoCks! We're leadin' her to the CAT 4 win this year. And we have our touring queen, Barb Ryan...we'll be doing some fun stuff this year like Bike Virginia.

We have Maggie and Donna, who are tough little to the sport and will be entering the CAT 4 field with a little bit of encouragement. They are going to the official's clinic Feb. 1. That will put us in good standing with VA Cycling and eligible for the BAR. Thank you, girls, very much!!!
And we have Linda...she's a tough little kitten. She's a strong CAT 4 and loves to have fun...and has helped create the positive momentum for this team. 
Bonnie's joining us, too!!! She works at Conte's and will be a wonderful addition to our group. She's gonna rock with some triathlons and some of the fun rides we have ahead of us. Kelly's just contacted us and is our newest cat on the team. Her 6 pack abs will make her a stand out on our team. Welcome Kelly :)

We have my daughter, Lauren...she's a strong triathlete and currently a touring princess!! She's leaving Tucson in the next couple of weeks on her bike and traveling to Florida where she'll pit stop for 2 months and then continue on her journey around the good ol' US of A.

WoW!!! And then there's Laura and BJ! Laura, our "Cheetah" girl, is an incredibly strong CAT 2 rider and will be mixin' it up with the pros this year. And BJ is our "podium girl". She placed 2nd at Nationals, a very strong CAT 3, and the energy behind the Vanderkittens. They'll both make strong leaders of our team.

And with me...that makes 12! I'm Barb, the Manager of the VK club team on the East side. We're Team Vanderkitten!
A big thanks to Emma. For those of you who don't know her, Emm's a little powerhouse of a gal with lots of spunk : ) She has Crohn's Disease and is healing herself through cycling. She's been an inspiration to me and to a lot of other women. Emma will be in charge of the VK Club/Team on the West side and also will be in charge of club development for the team.
We are the charter club team for Team Vanderkitten. We are here to support the pro women. We are looking for other girls/women to join our fast growing team. Please let us know who you are! Please e-mail me at