Monday, July 19, 2010

A CAT NAP for some but not for all!

This last weekend was quiet for racers in Hampton Roads. Some of us used this time to get off the bike and go visit family. Others decided to just ride for fun, race or travel miles away to beat the heat. Here are some of their stories.

Lisa, one of the newest members on Vanderkitten, did the 3Sports Tri in Richmond, Va last weekend. She loved the course with rolling hills and not much traffic. She rode her 20K in 37:14 and then was off the bike for a hilly 5K run. Her total time was 1:15:02, placing her 4th in her age group. We love it that Lisa had fun and can't wait to do her next tri.

While things were heating up to in VA beach to almost 100 degrees, Ali and Rob took to the road for 3 days and drove to Colorado to spend some time in the mountains. They're in Crested Butte for several days doing what they love most.

As for me, I've discovered some more kittens under the store where I work. I was lucky enough to find a great home for a kitty last year now only to find out that the kitty from last year has left behind some kitties with exactly the same markings. I'm already naming these kitties but Bob is saying "NO" to my adopting some more pets.
Podium Cat

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bryan Park

Quiet weekend of racing but Ali headed up to the Bryan Park Circuit Race in Richmond yesterday. It was a small group of 9 at the line. From the start, Julie K set the pace and got a gap on the field. She kept everyone in check staying off the front intermittently throughout the race. A few short burst break attempts were made by different racers but nothing was sustained as Emily J. closed it down. The field stayed together coming into the final lap and Brittany led out the sprint for a long, hard push to the line. Ali eeked out 2nd by inches.

Nice job to all the racers and promoters!

Looks like another road trip coming up but it'll be to the mountains of Blacksburg. Hopefully Cap'n Cook will be back in the saddle to join Podium Cat for that one!