Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quiet Before the Storm

Tropical storm Ida made her way to the beach and played havoc. While lots of us wanted to be on the road riding our bikes, most of us found our way cleaning up yards full of debris, water damage to our homes because we live in low lying area and roads that just wouldn't drain because there was no place for all that water to go. We had some on our team that had to face adverse conditions and had to do without water and power. We're all thankful that Ida has gone and made way to sunny skies.

The kittens have finished their race season and everyone is doing their own thing getting ready for next year. Congratulations to Ali Cat for her upgrade to CAT 3. Congratulations to Ali for winning the CAT 4 BAR. Congratulations to Laura for winning the CAT 1,2,3 BAR. Congratulations to our team for winning the women’s BAR for VA Cycling.

We have had more clinics getting our new kittens comfortable with pace line riding. They are also learning about mountain biking. They can now all change their flat tires in record times. Our team numbers have grown from a handful to somewhere in the 30s. These felines are ready to tow the line. With the help and instruction of our team captain, Cheetah Cook, they will be more than ready for race season next year.

Along with the good comes the bad. Our Zipp Cat, Vanda, has spent more time in the hospital the last month than most spend on their bikes in a season. Plagued with some blood clot issues that just won’t go away, she had to resort to surgery to help her on her road to recovery. After 20 days in the hospital it looks like Vanda will be going home soon. Unfortunately she had to miss Thanksgiving with her family, but the good news is that she’ll be home for her birthday this Sunday. Vanda, you are an inspiration to all because of the way you handled the adverse conditions handed to you. Your infectious smile had everyone grinning and while we were out on the road doing our thing, you were acting as the “Mayor” of the 4th floor at VB General keeping everyone in line.

No sooner did we almost get Vanda out of the 4th floor, when Matt (JRVS) became one of Vanda’s neighbors, by taking a nasty fall on an AM ride. Matt was on fire taking his pull in a sprint zone, when unfortunately his front wheel hit a pothole the same time he was looking over his shoulder to make sure the lane was free. Matt went flying over his handlebars at 28 mph and ended up breaking his collarbone in 2 places, 6 broken ribs and a broken thumb. He collapsed a lung and had to have a tube inserted to reinflate his lung. When I went to see him today he was in good spirits but swore off morphine. This specimen was able to handle the pain on his own and hopes to say Good Bye to the 4th floor this Saturday. The Vanderkittens are glad Matt is on the road to recovery and look forward to him leading us on our group rides soon.

Warm weather is over. Cool temps linger ahead. Snow is in Charlottesville. Xmas countdown has started. 23 days until Santa arrives. My wish list has been posted. Health and happiness to all.
Podium Cat Gone Bad!

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