Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anything But Dismal!

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we fought wind, rain and cold temps at the 2009 DD Time Trial. It was so dismal lots of us found ourselves not even able to warm up because the tents were no shelter for the rain coming at us sidewise. Luckily for all of us, this year was a different story. After checking weather for the last week which at one time called for rain, we were pleasantly surprised to have the temps in the 50s, a bit of a headwind out, but no rain in sight. The only small distraction were a few dogs who had enough sense to stay out of the road. 25 ladies signed up in all categories and the beach Vanderkittens took 12 of those spots. Laura, Ali and BJ had the 3 fastest times of all the registered women.

Results for our team

CAT 1-2-3

1st – Laura – 1:02:44
2nd – Ali – 1:06:06


3rd –Karen – 1:15:17
4th – Roberta – 1:15:30
7th – Suszann – 1:22:46


1st – BJ – 1:06:43
4th – Claudia – 1:22:51
6th – Barb V. – 1:24:36
7th – Susan – 1:24:39
9th – Donna – 1:28:14
10th – Wendie – 1:29:13
11 – Christy – 1:29:25

Great job to the race promoters!

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nPlusOne said...

Thanks for coming out and supporting our race. You VK women rock.
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