Monday, May 17, 2010

Knott's Island Century/Sprint Into Spring

A few of the Vanderkittens travelled to Chesapeake to ride the Knott’s Island Century last Saturday. After 25 miles at a sedate pace, we boarded the ferry from Currituck to Knott’s Island. We embarked an hour later to finish the last 75 on country roads. The weather was nice and the ride ended with a pasta dinner hosted by TBA. The only glitch was the unexpected rain washing away the markings which told us which way to go. Since we’d all ridden this course before, we were able to get our 100 miles in, while missing 2 rest stops, by adding 12 miles on at the end.

Suszann made her way to the Sprint into Spring crit at Fort Lee. She loved the course and can’t wait until her next race. It’s always nice to have a newbie on the team whose enthusiasm is infectious. We love having her with us!

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Sharon said...

Suszann did great!!!! I was excited to see some of the VK kit at the race... shame more didn't come.. 3rd and 4th place in the women's 1/2 category went unclamined because we only had two entries and we paid 4 deep...
See you all at the next race

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