Sunday, August 22, 2010

Am I the only one who LOVES time trials???

I woke up at 5:15 this morning to make my way over to Stony Creek for the state time trial only to hear rain falling on my skylight here at the beach. Thinking this was not a good sign, I checked the weather for Stony Creek and found that it was the place to be since rain was nowhere in sight!

The women’s 40 plus was the first category up so it was nice to get the time trial out of the way and enjoy watching the others suffer later in the day. A total of 21 women time trialed with lots of girls coming down from northern Virginia. It was nice to win my category with a time of 1:01:54, along with the 3rd fastest time of the day for the ladies, but I was equally happy to see that I’m not slowing down at the age of 59. I hope for good things next year and may even make a trip out to Bend, Oregon, to race with some other girls my age at Nationals.

As expected, Karen Hansen and her team put on a good event today. I was happy to receive some meat from Fiorucci as well as a gift card to Conte’s. I personally love this course and enjoyed the 30 second start times as well as the fact that Karen let the first to sign up be the last off in each category. As for my racing season, I’m done for the year and will find myself riding lots of centuries and taking photos of cyclists everywhere I go. Since my accident 2 years ago, I have found my way back to the crit scene a few times just to get my confidence back. Next year I hope to do more crits and get back to some road races.

Look for good things to come from Vanderkitten next year. Our team is growing!

BJ aka Podium Cat/Vanderkitten Racing

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Karen said...

Slowing down? Not a chance! I think that was one of your fastest rides on the course. Tailwind on the way back helped, but the motor did it. You should absolutely go to Nationals again. I look forward to seeing you in Stars and Stripes.
Bring the rest of the girls, especially the newbies next year!

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