Monday, August 9, 2010

"Hill"acious Road Trip

Cook and Ali headed to Stanley, VA on Saturday for the VCA/MABRA Road Race Championship up in Page Valley. It was sunny and warm for this last race of the day. There were 21 women pre-registered for the 1/2/3s. The course was an 11 mile loop (52 miles total) and had a nice variety to it: flat sloped sections, rollers, momentum carrying hills, a lengthy mid-grade hill, a shorter, steeply pitched hill and, saving the best for last, a bomber downhill.

The start was moderately paced with everyone staying together. Small gaps were created a couple of times but no true attempts were made to break away, most seemingly content to keep company. Around about 2 laps into the 4 ½ laps, some separation occurred reducing the lead group to roughly 12 riders. The pack would break up in some sections and come back together in others. Eventually, with a lap to go, the group had dwindled down to 9. In the final steep uphill finish, 4 pulled away and the remaining 5 battled it out for the field sprint. Cook won that taking 1st in the VCA division and 4th in the 1/2s overall. Ali fell off the back around lap 3 ½ but managed to find her way back to the car, cooler & contentment.

The drive home later that night was one for the books. Thanks to the Sperryville police department for locating the unscathed wheel bag (with a set of our friend's 303 tubulars inside!) year we’ll intentionally drive through your town – with dozens of donuts to deliver! And as always, many thanks to those who promoted this well organized race. Great job!


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sperryville hasn't been the same without cooter's place.

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