Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lisa - Her First Cross Race!

As many of the Vanderkitten followers know, our team is made up of racers, riders, runners, triathletes and as much talent off the bike as on it. We have seen in the last year mountain bikers become road racers, runners becoming triathletes, we have Cathi who organized the Bosom Buddies Ride for VA Beach and others on our team who have made sure all the riders are getting in their rides with safety in numbers. One of our newest members, Lisa, stood out this last weekend because she did her very first cross race and LOVED it!

Lisa has quite a running background and has been placing high in the results as one of the top in her age group. She did Project Athena in November and finished 3rd in her age group at that race. Soon after she ran the Turkey Trot and was 4th at that race. Her goal next year is to win her age group and bring home a coveted Turkey Trophy!

I happened to be at the Mt. Trashmore race to take photos of the racers last Sunday and Lisa’s smile stood out from the rest. Not only was she smiling at the beginning, but continued to smile up and down the hills and even at the finish. She rode her first cross race on a hybrid but hopes that Santa will bring her a lighter bike for future races. Lisa brings to our team an enthusiasm that is contagious. When she’s not running or biking, she’s happy at home with her husband and son. As for her profession, she owns a knitting shop where she keeps her hands very busy! Because of her job and hobby, Lisa is affectionally known as our "Knitten Kitten". Lisa, we’re proud of you and happy that you’re a part of Vanderkitten. We’re also proud of you for losing 50 pounds!
Podium Cat

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