Monday, March 21, 2011

Raceway Report

Four of us took a road trip up to Richmond for the RIR (Richmond International Raceway) crit on Sunday. With temps in the mid 50's and partly cloudy skies, the conditions were pretty nice for mid-March. It was a combined field of categories with a total of 27 women at the line. Tradewinds started out of the gate with a quick pace that was maintained for much of the race. They made break attempts as did we and some lasted for a few laps but eventually were pulled back in. Two primes were picked up in the process.

With about 10 or so to go, Ali got a gap with a Tradewinds rider and Cap'n Cook, Britt & Jen all worked together to help make it stick. Eventually a rider from Potomac Velo decided to go off of the front and bridged up solo. The three of them finished out the remaining 5 or 6 laps with Ali getting 2nd place in the sprint. The field had closed in and came across the line seconds behind with an end result landing all of us in the top 10.

Another great day of of early season racing with teamwork making the difference. Thanks to Richmond Velo Sport and Team Whole Foods for putting on this event and Dan Bo for the pics!

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