Monday, April 25, 2011

Meadows Circuit Race Report

Jen, Britt and Ali headed up to the Meadows Circuit Race in Doswell, VA on Saturday. There were 24 women lined up in the combined field on a cold, wet morning ready for 18 laps on a 1.4 mile course; a unique loop that included several sharp tight turns, a nice (read short) uphill push and a fast, fun downhill all on smooth pavement.

The pace was steady from the start with Syn-Fit riders taking turns at the front. A couple of efforts were made to create a gap but nothing worked until about 5 or so laps in when two of them actually went off of the front along with a North Tek-Aria rider. Ali jumped to get in on the break making a four person split which eventually became three as one rider fell back into the pack. Back in the field, Syn-Fit &VK kept the pace high making it difficult for any attacks to be successful.

The three person break worked well together rotating pulls until coming into the final two turns when Ali took her shot at pulling around for the win and pulled it out. Jen won the field sprint after a hard effort to reel in a rider who attacked early in the last lap. Unfortunately, Brittany had to pull out of the race midway due to a work related phone call (work, such a four letter word).

Overall, it was a good day and we were glad that everyone who entered stayed upright considering the conditions at the start. It’s always good to race with a mix from MABRA and VCA. Thanks to Richmond Velo/3 Sports for putting on this second annual event. Hope word spreads for more sign-ups next year as it is one of the more challenging courses in our series and we need to continue to support it!

P.S. from Ali: Big ups to our buddy "Jimmy Jam", owner of Jimmy’z Mobile Bike Workz, for stopping my pig from squealing the night before...she's got a nice purr now. He does great work and you can check him out here on Facebook:

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