Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jim"DIESEL" Dunham

It’s been 2 days since Jim “Diesel” Dunham was struck by a hit and run driver in Va Beach. Efforts are being made to find the driver who took down one of the most well known and well liked riders in the area. The Virginian Pilot, Channel 13 News and 106.9 have spread the news. Facebook has blown up with the story. His adoring friends are praying for a quick recovery.

Jim, you are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

I just stopped by to check on Jim at the hospital and when I went to the reception area, the volunteer said he was a very popular guy with visitors lining up to see him. The nurses on the 3rd floor are keeping busy monitoring the traffic. Arlene, the dietician, is meeting Jim’s request for good food. This morning he enjoyed 6 hardboiled eggs (yolks removed). Lunch and dinner will be salad with a bit of chicken to aid in his recovery.

Jim is in good spirits considering what he has gone through. His family is by his side and Barb is making sure he gets his sponge baths! Jim is always the leader of the pack and without him, we are lost. Heal quickly.


Profisc said...

Jim! Please get well Sir. Way to represent VK on the hospital bed. Best wishes from Vanderkitten Athletics.
Jono Coulter
Technical Director
Vanderkitten-FOCUS Women's Cycling Team

Avanell said...

We all wish you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you out on the bike again soon!

Avanell Schmitz

Tradewinds Racing

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