Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wilmington Grand Prix Criterium

On Saturday Ali and Jen went up against 50 of the toughest women in the region at the Wilmington Grand Prix Criterium. This Pro 1-2 women's race consisted of a one-mile, 8-turn course that the women completed 25 times. Laura VanGilder, defending champion, was at the line, along with Colavita's Kristen Sanders who was celebrating her 40th birthday and came away with the win over VanGilder. Our old friend Rachel Warner was there, and Anna Lang from the Vanderkitten Focus team. The pace was quick from the start, with Colavita and others making several break attempts. Both Ali and Jen stayed within the main pack as the race broke apart and women dropped off of the back. Ali spent some time on front driving the pace, and managed to keep herself in good position toward the front of the pack for the entire race. Jen worked hard to stay in the pack, so hard in fact that she got to see her breakfast for a second time. Badass. In the end, Ali was in the thick of things for the sprint, pulling out a 15th place that put her in the money! Cap'n Cook embarassed her by forcing her to take a money shot picture.

Jen came in 29th, just a few spots out of the booty.

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hamlinbone said...

awesome job-keep it up Ali & Jen!

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