Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bike Virginia 2011

Suszann and Karen headed out west for some hill training last week during Bike Virginia. The girls were joined by their favorite Tripower, Fat Frog's, and triathlete friends for 5 days of amazing riding. There was over 1,600 cyclist participating in Bike VA this year.
This was Suszann's first Bike VA and she proved that a flat lander could excel in the mountains. Every day she rode she got stronger and faster on the climbs and was fearless on the downhills. Karen, who did Bike VA last year on her TT bike, was much more comfortable on her new road bike and she learned a valuable lesson in proper hydration. The girls survived their first hilly century ride with close to 9,000 feet of climbing. Suszann decided that 100 miles wasn't far enough and added a little detour to spice things up a little. After the five hilly days, the girls rode over 300 miles and climbed over 20,000 feet.
Suszann and Karen are back home in Virginia Beach and hoping to cash in on some of the fitness they gained in the next few weeks.

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