Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Genes

When I go to a race and I see a talented rider always making the right moves, having a great sprint, or climbing a hill like they’re on the flats, I stand in awe. I sometimes wonder if their family is there to watch and take photos, if they are married and if so, does their spouse support the rider with all the hours of training it takes to be a great competitor. I know I try to do the right thing by getting in those 8,000 miles a year so I can justify my bikes, clothes and gear. I also wonder if I had started this sport when I was in my 20s and not in my 50s how would I have fared with others and what my future might have been. Since all of that is out of my control at this time in my life, I look to the younger generation to see what the future has in store for them instead.

I happen to be a part of a cycling family and for that I'm very thankful. My husband rides 60 plus, my son is a CAT 2 racer, my granddaughter is 9 and is comfortable on a bike, a soccer field and in the pool. At this time she’s not even aware that she will be a very competitive triathlete. My father was a baseball player. My brother is multi-talented and not only was a nationally ranked triathlete, enjoys golf, tennis and skiing as well. All of this leads me to thinking about what genes my parents gave me and what genes I’m passing along.

Obviously athletic parents will have athletic kids. The opportunities are abundant at every age for almost every sport. Donna, a beach Vanderkitten, took on the volunteer job of mentoring 60 plus middle school students to get them through their first 8K. I bet their parents were out there not only cheering them on but probably running the 1/2 or marathon the same day.

Claudia has a daughter who will be giving Liz Hatch a run for her money in the near future! I see she's already on a Specialized bike and will soon be teaching her brother how to ride.

My granddaughter has fire in her eyes after I bought her a racing bike complete with 24” tires. When she finally learns how to clip her shoes in her pedals. she’ll be good to go.

Look around at every race. What a gene pool. Our future looks bright!

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