Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Turn A Morning Bike Ride Into An All-Day Adventure

Vanderkittens Barb V., Maggie, Donna, and Barb R. took to the country roads on Tuesday morning after meeting at the Lagomar Neighborhood Park at 9:30AM. The weather was purrfect, the sky a deep blue, and the fields sprinkled with golden flowers. It just doesn't get any better than this, so at Creed's, we decided to continue on to Blackwater. Crossing the Pungo Ferry Bridge was a first for Donna and Maggie, and they climbed it like pros.

After admiring the rattlesnake rattles at the Blackwater Trading Post and purchasing some drinks and Snickers bars, we relaxed at the picnic table overlooking the scenic river (or overlooking the two port-o-potties--- depending on the side of the table sat upon). We chatted with a fisherman who snapped this photo of us. I'm sure it was NO coincidence that he caught a Vander-catfish minutes after we arrived!

I believe it was Barb V. who suggested "Let's keep going!" so, refueled and energized, we continued on to Northwest River Park --- another first for Donna and Maggie --- where we refueled again :-) and got to use real potties.

We sailed back to Creed's with the wind at our backs, stopping once again to refuel, enjoy each other's company, and visit with some other cyclists. We arrived back at our cars at 2:15pm then met at the BoardWok restaurant down the road for some great food and more fun conversation. Before we parted, we hugged each other in the parking lot and realized that the funky smell we had blamed on the Blackwater port-o-potties might be emanating from ourselves!

I arrived home at 4:15pm. It was a great day --- the riding was fantastic and, even more so, were the women on it. Thank you Barb V., Donna, and Maggie for the memories!

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