Monday, February 22, 2010

First Race, First Place!

What a way to start off the season & a beautiful day as it turned out for the Snowball Crit #1. Field of eighteen showed that the local women are ready to get things going. Thanks to VBV and the Tradewinds founder who implemented a separate women’s open race this year.

Capn Cook, Suszann and I showed up to get outside (finally!) and test the legs. This was Suszann’s first race as a new member & she did a great job holding her own while having fun. Talking afterward it was clear that she’s excited about the season and we’re stoked to have her on board. First half of the race seemed pretty standard with a steady pace and the group staying together. Close to midway, there were a couple of break attempts but nothing stuck for long. I was up ahead with another racer in one of those breaks when a smaller group pulled away and started to close the gap. El Cap had been leading off the front most the time and at some point decided to split from them and make a clean bridge up to us. We rounded a couple of laps as three and then she turned on the burners again. Dropped us efficiently and finished the last 6 laps by herself! During that solo effort, the field caught up to the two of us which eventually led to a sprint for the line. Third place finish for me.

Lastly and appropriately so, another first took place yesterday as Capn Cook talked me into doing the Men 3/4 race. Have to say that I did enjoy the experience & think I found a new name for myself along the way.

No doubt this was the first of many great days of racing ahead! Nice job by all the promoters & racers!

Caboose Cat

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