Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Match Made in Heaven

Heading out on the Saturday morning ride, PC was telling me more about the lil Vanderkitty & it dawned on me that I might know some prospective parents....my own! They'd been talking about adopting a furry friend last year but never found the perfect match or felt like the timing was right. So when I told them about her that afternoon, I was pretty sure that was as far as it would go...little did I know they'd be driving her home less than 48 hours later!

From all accounts, mine included (as I had to b-line it to their house to meet her), she's taken to them as much as they have to her. It was great to
see how comfortable she was there already and how much they were enjoying her company! Seems as though it was meant to be the way everything fell into place - including the name they gave her...Weezie. This was my grandma's (Eloise) nickname, who passed away last year at 100 years of age; she was the fabric of our family, loved by all & lit up every room she entered.

How fitting!

Ali Kat

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