Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jeff Cup 2010

Ali and Laura went up to Charlottesville for the Jefferson Cup Road Race on Sunday. It was cold. They were cold. They tried to warm up. They were still cold. They raced with about 30 women. They raced 40 miles. They tried to break-away. But the other women pulled them back in. It rained. It was wet. Then it stopped raining. Then it started raining again. They were still wet, but now wetter. It came down to a field sprint. Ali took 2nd overall and 1st for the Category 3 women (YEAH!) and came home with the coveted Jeff Cup and Chocolate Bunny! Laura took 3rd overall and 2nd for the Cat 1-2 women. After the race Ali and Laura were both very cold again. They finally warmed up after changing clothes. And then they ate pizza. And then they sang to the Rolling Stones and Violent Femmes all the way home to Virginia Beach. Laura found a four-leaf clover at the rest stop on the way home. Ali thought it was a fake. Check out the picture to see for yourself. And that was Ali and Laura's Jefferson Cup Road Race experience. The END.

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