Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smithfield HAMmerfest

Looks like that chocolate bunny that Ali won at Jeff Cup fueled her for a first place finish at the 1st ever Smithfield Hammerfest Crit. The word on the block has it that it was a technical and challenging course with a nice uphill climb to make it even more challenging. Although there were crashes in some of the races, the women came out unscathed. Attempts were made to break up the race but none of them really worked. At the end Ali rode off with the win with the help of teammate Laura. Great job to both of you for keeping our team on the map and also showing great team tactics.
One of our upcoming stars, Suszann, was also out there holding her own in the CAT 4 race making it look easy. We are proud that you are learning your way on a crit course and look for great things from you in the crits, road races and time trials ahead!

Happy Easter to everyone.

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