Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Better Late Than Never - Amazing Tri Cats

The past several weekends brought out our Vanderkitten triathletes competing in three different races; Breezy Point , Eagleman 1/2 Iron Man and Tidewater International triathlons. The results prove that we indeed have a diverse group of women and talent in our club.

Breezy Point was a hot weekend and for the first time in a long time, a wetsuit ineligible race. This didn’t faze our gals. Roberta Guimond finished 5th in her AG; Karen Franke, Claudia Baker and Vanda Kennedy who were the swimmers on relay teams all turned in respectable performances fighting a wicked current and Claudia’s team Red Hammer Racing (which consisted of Denise Wood - Red Hammer herself, Claudia and Jessica Lennon) scooped up a first place finish.

The following weekend Lisa Armistead, Claudia, and Erika Peck headed up to Hampton for a bright early 7am start at the Tidewater Olympic triathlon. The swim course consisting of two laps at jellyfish strewn Buckroe beach was less than desirable but at least they weren’t the stinging kind. The bike course through Fort Monroe proved to be a bit windy in spots, but that wind turned out to be our friend on the long, hot, very UNSHADED run course. All Olympic athletes had to do two loops of each leg while our spring counterparts only had to do one. I think we were all wishing at some point during the race we had chosen the sprint. But alas we all prevailed with smiles on our faces. Erika had a dynamite run that lead her to a top 5 finish in a very competitive age group!!! Claudia and Lisa both took home 3rd place AG wins! Overall, I think we can all agree it was a really fun successful day!

On Sunday Karen Franke headed up to Maryland to compete in the highly esteemed Eagleman Half Ironman. Again a wetsuit ineligible race proved to be a scorcher of a hot day and athletes were truly tested. Karen prevailed and proved to us that she is indeed an endurance athlete who can turn it on when the heat gets turned up!

Way to go Tri-kitties!

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