Monday, August 8, 2011

Tour of Page County

Cloudy with little chance of pie: Page Valley Road Race

The Page Valley road race proved once again to be a tough test for mountain-loving kittens. With overcast skies and slightly cooler temperatures than years past, Jen and Brittany lined up for the Women’s 1/2/3 race with a small but fierce field. Attacks started as soon as the pavement turned upward with the charge led by Rachel (Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized). The field split immediately with Jen and Brittany caught behind slower climbers. Brittany was able to bridge Jen back to the lead group on the descent, but this was the last they saw each other until the finish line. Jen worked with a small group to chase on and off of the 5 leaders for the remainder of the race. On the third lap, the motor referee indicated that bad weather was moving over the ridge and the women’s race was ending on this lap! On the final left turn to the finish line, Sara (ABRT) made a well-timed move that got a gap over the chase group and sling-slot Jen into 6th place. This was fortuitous because Jen got a front row seat to Brittany’s finish – 3rd place for the cat 3 women.

Sunday’s Luray Crit

With Jen having headed back to the ‘Peake earlier in the morning, I had plans of finishing up the weekend at the downtown Luray Crit. This course consisted of a 0.8 mile loop featuring eight 90-degree turns and a steep short climb to the finish, where there was a feed zone! Though greatly welcomed (another mid-ninety temp weekend), never before had I seen a feed zone at a crit until Sunday. As soon as the whistle blew initiating the start of the Women’s 1/2/3 pack, it was serious go time. After an immediate left turn up a false flat, the pack took a fast descent down the back side of the course, vying for positions, eager to make their way to the hill climb. After my second trip up the hill, my legs said “No more!” and I dropped off the pack to time trial my way through the rest of the race. I was, however, able to witness the amazing first place finish of Kathleen Giles (ABRT), who had broken away from the pack, with several laps to go.

Vanderkitten Racing extends a biggie thanks to Chris Gould, Page Valley Cycling, WWVC Racing, and Syn-Fit Race Team for a great weekend! Next up, Vanderkitten will be racing the Chesapeake Criterium and Peter Teeuwen Memorial time trial.

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