Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tri'd & Succeeded

One Kitten tried to get smart and beat the heat by doing a Triathlon. Unfortunately there has been no escaping this heat. Roberta headed down this past weekend to North Carolina for an FS Sprint Triathlon in Washington, NC. The participants had to be set up and out of the transition area by 6:30am and at that time it was already 83 degrees and the water temp was 86….a bit like bath water in our opinion. With the heat already a known factor, Roberta made sure she was well hydrated. The swim in the Pamlico River went well after being pulled, slapped, and swam over; these participants we merciless in the water. All Roberta kept thinking was “your swimming to your bike” , “swim to your bike”. Once the swim was over and a quick transition she was off for a rocket bike ride. The 15 mile ride was mostly flat with a few hills. She finished the bike with a time of 34:06: the fastest women’s time in the sprint. Her legs felt great as she started the transition to running. The run was very hot. No shade and all pavement. It was brutal. After crossing the finish line with a time of 1:20:25 she headed straight for the water to cool off. When all was said and done she walked away with first place in her age group.

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