Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baker's Dozen

Our mighty team of 12 has now grown to 13. Welcome Meredith, our youngest member of the team. We know your dad is a good rider so we know you're from good stock!

It's quiet before the storm. Race registrations are now being announced. It's now time to step up to the plate and sign up.

Laura, our "Cheetah," has taken on the job as team captain. She's our CAT 2 racer, very experienced, most photographed and most likely to tear off the limbs of her competitors.

Some of us braved the winds today, gusting to the 30's, for a training ride. If you were able to stay on your bike you were getting good training for the upcoming Dismal Dash Time Trial. If you opted to stay home and sleep in, you missed a good workout.

This blog wouldn't be complete without a cute cat photo. Here's a shot of Blackie, aka stealth cat!

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HELL(cat) ON WHEELS said...

Help me! I need some Vanderkitten Club input. I have been corresponding with Emma via email about joining, here in SC. According to Emma, I would be the first "kitten" in SC. Herein lies my debacle,I'm a beginner, riding for less than a year; however, I"m in good hands and very connected in the cycling scene here in Greenville, SC. My fiance races and is heading up his own team here this year for Go Tri Sports, a local triathlon store, though the team will strictly be a road team. I'm supposed to learn, ride, eventually race with them....but I also love the thought of starting a local Vanderkitten club. Anyone care to give me input, pros/cons, etc. etc. especially since I'm not a seasoned cyclist.

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