Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lauren's On the Road Again!

Lauren, our "frisky kitten", is an accomplished runner and triathlete, and she LOVES to ride bikes!

It wasn't long ago that Lauren, started out on her solo journey to Tucson. A brave little kitten cycling alone, she made the trip from Ohio to Tucson in 23 days, camping along the way. She attended graduate school at the University of Arizona only to find that she was in one of the cycling meccas of the country. I think maybe Lauren was a smart little kitten. Temptation got the best of her, as she fell in love with the world of cycling. She raced and rode the streets of Tucson, riding up and down every mountain she could find around the city. She worked for a lawyer who was an advocate for cyclists...worked in a bike shop...and helped coach the youth cycling team in Tucson, which included Junior High and High School students..."El Grupo".

Now Lauren is leaving Tucson with all of her worldly goods packed into her little panniers on the back of her pretty new touring bike. This time she has company with her boyfriend, Jared. He had joined her last summer on part of her bike trip from Seattle to San Diego... and now they're headed to Florida where they will take a break before riding up the East Coast.

The Vanderkittens wish you both a safe and FuN journey!

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