Friday, February 20, 2009

It's 5:00 Somewhere!

Kit Cat Maggie makes a toast to the beginning of good things to come! It's 5:00 somewhere :)

Hello Kitty is the cat name for Bonnie, our cat who is always working when we have our socials. She's very much at home at Conte's after leaving a corporate job to work in a fitness-oriented environment. She's presently training for an amateur figure competition but also has a background in running and triathlons.

Julie, our Cali Cat, is the tallest on our team. She has a very strong background as a runner and places high on the podium at triathlons both locally and nationwide. She was the first member on our team to compete this year and won her age group at the cyclocross race here at the beach.

We just can't get enough of each other! Club Manager, Barb our Top Cat, decided to have yet another "social" for our every growing team since we are getting contacts daily from interested cats in the region. Last night 4 prospective team members came and it looks like we have some cats who will fit right in. Our team continues to grow in many ways and our talents on and off the bike are becoming more apparent. We're getting club members with swimming backgrounds, rowers, triathletes, runners and we're young and old too boot. Sassy Cat aka Meredith, is our youngest kitten at 24 and Donna is our oldest at 58!

Linda is our "unnamed cat" but when she does get her cat name it will have to be about her petiteness or sweetness. She always says the right thing at the right time about our team and we all think she gave the best toast about our team last night. Welcome Linda

Kelly Cat is very excited about being a new kitten to our team. She tells us that she likes to try new things but that she's not great at anything. I know we'll be seeing great results from Kelly with her 6 pack ab and fire in her eyes.

Barb, our Mitten Kitten, is our fair weather rider. If it's under 70 she's on a trainer or her Concept 2. Barb is going to keep us straight with computer issues and is a fierce competitor when she time trials. Barb loves long rides and justifies her nice equipment riding Bike Va.

The strongest legs on the team belong to our Cheetah and Ali Cat. I have some great shots but they're TOP SECRET right now. We can't disclose everything so early in the season.

Lauren, our Frisky Cat and also daughter of Barb our Top Cat, is now en route from Tuscson to Florida on her bike so we'll be putting out updates on her journey to the East Coast.

As for me, my collarbone looks like it's healed and ready for race season. You'll find me at lots of time trials but the docs say "NO" to the crits. When you see me on the sidelines with camera in hand make sure you smile otherwise I'll come hurt you!

Podium Cat

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