Sunday, March 15, 2009

DISMAL Dash Time Trial

The weather forecasts were certainly accurate today for the DD TT in Suffolk, Virginia. Many folks were watching the weather hourly and it wasn’t even a question if it was going to rain but how much at any given hour.

The parking lot didn’t look that full when we arrived but soon realized everyone was either under team tents or wisely using the overhang at the White Marsh Shopping Center for shelter. The temps were in the 40s so no ice on the road. In the past I have been greeted by local dogs trying to outrun me at my time trial pace but that didn’t happen either. It was just a good day to ride once you got your head into it and realized you would be spending more time cleaning your bike after the race than riding it.

The beach Vanderkittens were happy to have our team banner to show off our area. We also even received our team shirts which we sported with pride. All of our team members who signed up, showed up and we had incredible race site support from Barb, Maggie, Claudia and Winnie and her husband who brought their camper now fondly known as the “Vanderkitten Lounge.” This incredible group of individuals had also brought homemade cookies and treats as well as having hot water for tea and cider. Now you know it doesn’t get any better than that!

Race results were outstanding across the board in all categories. Laura, our Cheetah, not only won the Cat 123 division with a winning time of 1:02:06, but also shattered the course record by 2 minutes as well.

Ali, competing in her 2nd race, again brought home the gold for Category 4. Julie, our Cali Cat, took silver in the same category. I (BJ aka Podium Cat) won the master’s category bettering my time from last year by almost a minute. There were outstanding efforts by Kelly, Vanda and Ronna who were also in the master’s category. Everyone is so proud of each other for coming out to face the “Race of Truth” in such incredibly awful conditions.

The beach Vanderkittens want to thank the race sponsors for being out in the elements to make this race possible. We also want to thank the folks at Bike Beat for loaning us their tent so we, and our bikes, could stay dry for the warm up. We also thank Rob, Tim and Bob for getting us race ready in such a confined space.

Pictures of the beach Vanderkittens at the Dismal Dash Time Trial can be viewed at


kendallf said...

Congratulations ladies! Viewing the pictures, it appears the race was aptly named.

Vanderkitten Virginia Beach said...

Please send some of your sunny skies from Florida our way! We miss riding with you!

Kevin said...

Nice work Ladies, I mean Kittens!

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