Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Cats on The Block!

The beach kittens are keeping an eye out on our Frisky Cat, Lauren, who is in transit from Tucson to Florida. We are hoping that the elements we are facing here, including rain, ice and possible snow, aren't impacting her ability to get from point A to B in a hurry. What we do know is that when she finally arrives home to Virginia Beach, she'll be greeted by even more Vanderkittens because our pride is growing daily!

We now have on board Claudia who is still seeking the perfect feline nickname. I've only met Claudia twice but is she ever a multi-talented person as well as multi-talented athlete. Her background has her as a tomboy with 3 older brothers. She was a swimmer in high school and is now a runner, cyclist and golfer. She's married with 2 young children who ground her, spends her time as a reading specialist, and when not doing all the above, has a crafty side. You can see fire in her eyes and I wouldn't want to go head to head with her at the finish line. I think Claudia is going to do just fine at races in the future. I think you'll see her ahead of the group both at running races as well as cycling events. Our team feels fortunate that you found us. Welcome!

Vanda is also another new cat to our team. She was able to come up with a name for herself - Zipp Cat, with the help of her friends. Our "Zipp Cat" has 10 triathlons under her belt since 2007, starting with Breezy Point. Her goals this year are to compete in another 7 triathlons. I hear she's a fish in the water, so obviously that sport comes easlily, but she tells us that biking is her first love. We look forward to seeing Vanda and her bike at the Dismal Dash Time Trial, where she plans to eat her competition!

As I write this blog post, Winnie has now come on board. I don't have her resume yet but do know that she's been riding with her husband and has been scoping out a local time trial course to get a taste of how it feels to dig in deep! We are glad to also welcome you on board and are glad that you found our team to be a purrfect fit for you.

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