Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings

It's been a very busy week for the well rounded beach Vanderkittens.

Last weekend Donna led 60 students from her school in their first 8k at the Shamrock here at the beach. Sunny skies and cool temps were a perfect combination for happy faces. We're so proud that she gave all the time and energy it took to train them for this race. She's the apple of our eye!

Sunday was another great day for those running the half marathon here at the beach. The Vanderkittens watched on the sidelines as a mulititude of runners passed our staging area at 60th Street. Claudia looked composed, all dressed in green, coming down the home stretch for a PR. Peyton, aka Copy Cat, came in to the finish a full 4 minutes faster than her goal time! Way to go girls - you're awesome.

Laura, Ali and Julie made it over to the Sleepy Hole crit on Sunday. Laura got into a 3 woman break at lap 4 and, with the help of our teammates, was able to stay away for the remainder of the race. Laura was in good company with DeeDee from Charlottesville, who is a classy pro rider. The 2 of them kept the pace going for the whole race. Great job to Ali and Julie for policing the field.

We now have a new kitten from Florida on our team. We welcome Joie who has been spending lots of time raising a family but not able to spend as much time on her bike as she wants to.We're glad you found us and know you'll be a purrfect fit on our team. Peace Cat suits you!

The wonderful weekend ended with me celebrating my 58th birthday a week early at the home of our club manager Barb. It was so much fun being surrounded with friends who showered me with great cards, great gifts and great wine. I happen to like getting older because going to NATZ as a 60 year old means the field will be smaller. Since I have a problem with riders getting in my space, I hope I have an opportunity to go back and give those other grandmother's a race for their money. All in all it was a great week. I'm proud and honored to be a part of this great team with great women on my side.

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