Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CALIFORNIA - Here they come!

Julie and Ryan will be leaving soon for California so it was just another reason for the Beach kittens to get together to have a proper send off for them. This couple, with a combined height of 12’, has just got this triathlon racing down to a science. If one’s not winning the race, the other is and on a good day they both win. It’s just plain sad that they are leaving now that all of us are getting to know each other so well. Julie and Ryan are already talking about having our pride come to California for training. I think the VK gals would be all over that invitation plus we would love to go meet the pro racers and VK organizers who live on the West Coast.

I took lots of photos of the send off and see that everyone was very playful. It may be that some of the kittens got into some of the catnip. I think I even saw that the Charlie’s Angels were on hand.

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