Friday, May 15, 2009

The Kittens invade Contes!

Tonight was our first of many visits to Contes to learn about bike maintenance with Clint, the new service manager at Contes. We were a captive audience not only learning how to change a flat if need be, but also learning how to get the most life out of our chains when they get wet, how to take care of a bike when it's on top of the car and gets caught in a downpour and how a dollar bill will do the trick if you slice a tire.

The beach kittens want to thank Bonnie who organized the event and made sure all the details were covered including food and wine along with great pesonalized VK bike decals.

After our clinic, we launched into a spending frenzy when we found out that some of the VK clothes had arrived hours earlier at the shop. Linda was able to find herself a great t-shirt on E-Bay that was previously owned by one of the pro racers for Vanderkitten. May we all be so lucky in the future to pick up such great merchandise at such great prices.

We were also glad to meet 3 of our new team members. Welcome Wendy, Susan and Summer. They now have the job of coming up with their "cat names" otherwise we'll be coming up with ones for them.

The evening ended early only because we have a large group riding the Knott's Island Century tomorrow morning. The weather looks favorable and it's always a nice way to spend the day with great teammates. As for me, I'll be enjoying the sights with camera in hand and will hopefully have a report out on the blog by the end of the weekend.
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