Saturday, May 9, 2009


Meredith, our youngest feline on the team, turns 24 today! I can only imagine how happy her mom must have been to have a “Mother’s Day" baby.

The girls on the VK team have been impressed with her since the day she joined. Fresh out of college, she is just what the team needed to round us out. She’s from an athletic family, she was a rower, she’s very determined to do her homework on everything she buys so it’s the right purchase, she’s poised, she’s mature beyond her years and when you talk with her you almost forget that she’s only 24. If anyone on the team needs to know anything about proper bike maintenance, Meredith has the answer. She credits all of this to her dad, who also rides a bike.

Her first bike purchase was in 2008. She quickly outfitted her Specialized bike with some nice new American Classic 420 aero wheels. She’s found company with Claudia on our team and the 2 of them not only train together but almost have the same time trial times as well.

Our Meredith was comfortable at her job with Davenport as a stock broker but is about to follow her passion to become a PA. School for her will start in January 2011. I think any patient she will see will be the recipient of the best care available because with Meredith you get 100% of anything she has to offer.

She thinks Vanderkitten is a good fit for her, and we agree. We look forward to her being on our team for many years to come and also look forward to her racing. I think with her discipline and training, many good things will come to her in the future!

Happy Birthday to you our feline friend. We had a great time celebrating your birthday a couple of days early at our new hot spot, 501 Grill.

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