Saturday, June 6, 2009

VK Represents at Breezy Point Tri (1000M Swim, 20K bike, 5K run)

Ok...where to begin with Breezy Point? So much to tell, but I will start with I was "tri-ing" at Breezy Point to say the least. I must agree with Claudia in that I was kicking myself for signing up again this year, I just plain old wasn't feeling it. To make matters worse, I was not very healthy that week and knew it would effect my performance...yet I kept "tri-ing". Of course I had nothing ready and had to rush to get everything into my SUV an hour before leaving, such a bad kittie. As usual had to keep going to the litter box as my nerves kicked in. Weather was ideal at 73 degrees and mostly overcast skies. Oh what a great breeze too...hmmm, not such a good breeze later during the bike, duhhh! I was so excited to see all the other kitties almost immediately Kelly Kat was walking her bike as I drove by and then I had the pleasure of racking my bike next to both Donna and Claudia. After sharing my asthma inhaler (no names) LOL, it was time to figure out how to get all this kitty in a rubber suit that could fit a 12 year old. Since all us kittens were over 40, we got to enter the water together, yeah time to get my a** kicked by all my teammates whom happen to be great swimmers. Although everyone had great times, gotta give kudos to Claudia who was a beast in the swim. I didn't think cat's could swim like that...hiss. Kelly Kat had a great swim as well and was out like a cheetah. Donna was next and I was not far behind. At this point I was delirious from the swim. Not sure if it was all the kicks to the head by all those feral cats in pink caps or my usual swim panic mode. Nonetheless, I was astounded, yet extremely happy for all my teammates when I never saw them again on the bike. That meant they were all rocking the bike, because I never caught any of them. However, since Donna and I were closer in the swim we did play a little cat & mouse on the bike portion. I give all the kitties a high five on their great bike times, because that headwind was relentless for 3/4 of the bike portion and the potholes were not our friends. Although some of us had better bike times, gotta give Kelly Kat Kudos for a very impressive and highly improved bike. Vanderkitten has pushed her to a new level!!! Saw Donna again racking our bikes to move to the dreaded 5K run...uggghh! At this point I knew it was all down hill for me. Claudia, Kelly and then Donna tearing up the divot hole ridden course in that order. Unfortunately, for me this was my worse event by far. I had nothing left at this point and just plain old had an off day, yet I kept "tri-ing" and finished nonetheless. Big Shout out to Donna for placing second in her age group in her very first tri with a total time of 1:47:37!!! High Five to Claudia for a great overall race and only being 42 seconds away from placing with a time of 1:29:25 a new PR!!! Big ups to Kelly Kat for a phenomenally improved bike and a new PR (by 8 whole minutes) with a time of 1:42:37!!! Honorable mention to Peyton our future Vanderkitten and Kelly Kats kitten for barely missing 3rd place in her AG with a time of 1:33:46!!! As for me, no PR this year, but was humbled into knowing what I have to do to not be in that position again. My time was 1:58:36 because I kept tri-ing!!!

Vanda aka "Zipp Cat"

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