Friday, June 5, 2009

Time to Tri - Breezy Point

True to its name, the Breezy Point Triathlon proved to be a breezy day; nonetheless, sunny and a beautiful day to race. Leading up to the weekend I was feeling very nonchalant about the race and almost just bagged it and didn’t compete. I just wasn’t into doing it. I find myself in this conundrum often. I sign up for these events and then I kick myself the whole time prior to the event; the after effect is a totally different emotion, more on that later. As well, a good friend of mine blew me off and didn’t wish me luck on the race so I was feeling a bit dejected.

I started preparations the night before, loaded up my car and made sure to eat a decent dinner not too carb loaded but reasonably balanced. Fell asleep early on the couch and forgot to finish a few things that I tossed and turned about all night and kept waking up reminding myself to do in the morning. Amazingly I didn’t forget.

Upon arriving at the race I saw Kelly cat and her crew walking in. I parked at quite possibly the furthest spot away that I could not realizing parking was abundant still at this point so I had a nice long walk to transition. I had pictured in my head how I should logically set up my transition area and was able to find ample room to do so near my fellow kitty Vanda.

The start was rapidly approaching and we were being gently (note the sarcasm there) directed towards the swim platform so I moseyed on over there with the rest of the pink caps and rambled on with different people along the way. I was at least happy that my cap was pink. Upon looking at my HR monitor I noticed my HR already at 92?!?! Surely I wasn’t excited about this. Finally it came time to get in the water; ugh. I followed Manderkitten Ryan’s advice and went right to the front and wound up chit chatting with Karen (Ryan and Julie’s friend) and also my pharmacist. Small world. The gun went off and we started swimming. I felt like everyone else with pink was ahead of me – what in the world, this is my best event!?! So I thought ok well just settle in and get in your groove, which I did. I didn’t really pay attention after that to anyone else, just tried to spot the buoys and keep swimming. Did my fair share of kicking other people and getting kicked and clawed throughout the beginning as well as swallowing that lovely Naval Base water – YUK, and then before I knew it I was rounding the last buoy back towards the ramp and didn’t see too many other pinks in front of me. Turns out I was 4th out of the water among my AG! WOW! Great advice – thanks Ryan!

One event down two to go is what I told myself. Trying to keep Cali cats advice in my head that “THIS IS FUN” also kept me from not cursing left and right at the wind. I’m having fun, I’m having fun I chanted – now I just need my ruby red bike shoes to transport me to the finish line! I heard a friend cheer for me as I moved through transition and was reasonably pleased with my T1. Moving on to the bike, and as promised the first few miles into the wind were tough but I just hunkered down into aero position and kept pedaling using my knowledge of downshifting from my friend Erika to keep my cadence up and not poop out my legs. The bike was relatively smooth and I was please with my overall 18.5 pace. Which I absolutely attribute to being a Vanderkitten and making me stronger!

Off the bike and onto the run; my least favorite of the three. I truly hadn’t done much running since Shamrock and was feeling very heavy legged. Decided walking through both water stops was just going to work best and tried to not keep reminding myself how far I had left. Did I mention that I’ve not liked running lately? I got mad when the second girl wearing a 300 number passed me so I sped up at the end. I knew I was doing pretty well because I had not seen too many 300 people pass me and I had passed a ton of people from heats before me on both the bike and run. Coming down the tarmac towards the finish I could see my little girl and hear her screaming GO MOMMY! Sweet – awesome inspiration, despite the wind desperately trying to push me backwards! I finished as strong as I could and then when I finally remembered to stop my watch at the end of the running shoot it read somewhere around 1:29. I thought no way! Turns out it was my fastest 5K ever – funny how that works sometimes.

Low and behold, I met all the goals I set for myself (despite not wanting to really do the race I did set goals) and then the enthusiasm and adrenaline kicked in. I was pumped at my time. I was frustrated that I didn’t push myself harder having come so close to placing; needless to say it was a mix of emotions I haven’t felt before. What I learned is that I have to try to find that enthusiasm before the race and maybe it might improve my overall performance just that much more. As well, next time I will warm up on just the bike as I did not warm up at all…bad kitty.

I am really proud of all the other Vanderkittens who represented our club so well that day, and once again humbled to part of such an Ass Kicking group of women!

Kick Ass until next time Ladies!

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