Sunday, June 14, 2009

Won Down, Won To Go Weekend

Happy to report that our fearless leader, Cheetah, took 1st at both the Amphib Crit & PLT #1 Time Trial this weekend!! 

Crit Report:  With puddles of rain & showers off and on during our race, we were both rethinking our decision not to wear glasses for this one.  In fact, Left Eye Laura rode the last several laps with 50% vision as her right contact lens took a trip around her eye thanks to getting washed out regularly throughout the race.  That probably would have done in other racers but El Cap's not one to let anything get the best of her.  At some point prior to that, after leading out most of the laps, she and 3 other gals got a decent gap from the rest of us.  The break stuck but shortly thereafter a rider started to bridge up to them & that's when I realized (a little slower than I'd like to admit) that I better get up there as well.  With us added on, we now had a six pack for the rest of the race.  We never managed to get a unified pace line going but we held what we had until the last straightaway sprint to the finish.  There was some distance to cover & Cheetah jammed out a nice lead from the rest of us setting up a classic ending. I managed to get 3rd overall, 1st in Cat 4. 

The cheering squad was comprised of our official officiator, Donna, who did a smashing job for our team, Podium Cat who was capturing it all on camera like only she can do & do so well & our Manderkittens Bob & Rob.

PLT #1 Report:  With fog lifting & humidity sticking around, it was time to see how fast we could stop that clock.  Big showing for our team today with racers & supporters combined.  On board for the "fun" were Laura, BJ, Barb, Maggie, Vanda, Joie, Summer, Susan & me.  Ronna was planning to race but was under the weather - she, along with Mitten Kitten & Smitten Kitten gave us all a boost with their cheers (quite a feat for Ronna since she lost her voice earlier in the week)! The Manderkittens, always unwavering in their support as well, did us proud!  

The start was a tease with a tailwind to get us all going at a nice clip right off the bat...of course, we knew what that meant for the finish - you gotta pay to play!  It's all relative, however, and today was no exception.  That is to say, the wind wasn't too bad & the humidity was manageable.  The course was in good shape except for one area that still had some standing water but that didn't interfere with the race.    With a course record at the PLT #3 last year, El Cap had one primary thing on her mind...besting her own time.  So in the illustrious words of Ron Popeil, she had a "Set it and forget it" record: 52:56, old record: 53:07.  Podium Cat had a mix up on her start time that had it not happened would have put her in 1st by a sizable spread for Women 40+ - she took it in stride like the accomplished competitor that she is though.  I snagged 2nd overall, 1st in Cat 4 with a better time than my last one in '07.  Summer (aka El Gato), in her first time trial, did a stellar job with a time around 1:03.  When asked what she thought after the finish, she said she loved it with a look that spoke volumes.  Glad to have another Cat 4 in our crew who's sure to make her mark with each coming race!  Unfortunately in trying to get this blog posted quickly, I'm not exactly sure about the times made by the rest of our ladies but I think everyone was generally happy with her results - as we all would agree, getting out there & doing it is a reward in itself!  One thing I do know without a doubt is that VKVB came together once again & had a great time enjoying each other's company as well as all of the those who participated along with us!  

CONGRATULATIONS to all with an extra BIG UPS & MAD PROPS to Cheetah who exemplified how fitting her name is by smokin' the competition this weekend!

Thankful for another memorable weekend of racing!  Thankful to be a part of such a great group of gals!!  

Ali Cat

(Hopefully we can update with a group pic here soon)

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