Friday, July 10, 2009


Our ride started in Onancock on the wharf. What a darling little sits on the Onancock River and is surrounded by beautiful sailboats and fishing boats. The 9 of us kittens saddled up and headed out...BarbR, Summer, BarbV, Susan, Linda, Donna, Maggie, Wendie, and Kelly. Thanks to our Mitten Kitten, as she had planned a wonderful journey for us.

The wildlife was abundant...from deer, to bees buzzzing in Mitten Kitten's head (only to find out it was her cell phone...hee hee), to BiG dogs. Very BiG dogs with very BiG teeth that could run like hell!! The guys at the Tour weren't the only ones getting a sprint in... I've never seen Kelly ride so hard. Way to put on the sprint, Kelly Kat! Being the fast little kittens that we are, we managed to outrun those BiG Bad dogs!

We enjoyed our little breaks throughout the day : )

And the breakaways, too, with Summer leading the way (which resulted in some lost kittens). Not to mention our trip to the jail : ) Bad little

Truly a lot of history in these little towns on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Our ride ended with happy, tired, hungry, we treated ourselves to a YuMMy lunch at Mallards on the Wharf and celebrated Maggie's birthday!

A happy ending to a FuN day of adventures with the Vanderkittens! Thanks to the citizens of the Eastern Shore who harbored us from unfriendly canines and who found our lost kittens.

And Congrats to Wendie and Kelly for their 1st Tour!

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