Sunday, July 19, 2009

TNP Time Trial

So being from the Beach, we don't have a lot of hills to ride unless you count the Pungo Ferry Bridge. I don't know about you all, but I frickin LOVE hills! Well this past weekend four Va Beach VK's packed up and headed to Richmond to do a 14.6 mile time trial, complete with some nice rollers. It was pretty cool to see speeds ranging from a low of 17 to a high of 37 during the race. Usually on flat tt's my speed doesn't vary by more than 3 or 4 mph so this was a nice change.

The best part of the day was what I affectionately refer to as the "Vanderkitten Sweep". Not only did we win all three women's categories...Podium Cat BJ Samuel took first in the 40+, Ali Cat Ingram took first in the Cat 4, and I won the 1,2,3...but we also posted the three fastest times of the day for the women. Barbie Cat (Barb Viola) rounded out our group, doing the race old style on a road bike without aerobars. She road incredibly strong and I'm thinking there's a tt bike in her pressure Albie :)

Until next time...

Captain Cook

P.S. by Ali Cat: Just call her butter cuz she's on a roll! Sorry (not really) but I had to add my two cents in here because CC humbly left out some significant info above....she once again broke the course record (her own from last year!) at this TT with a time of 36:11!! The streak is going strong!

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Anonymous said...

woo hoo! awesome job ladies! sorry I missed out on all the fun... I haven't done ANY races since we left VA... and my first sprint tri (with a whopping 9-mile bike) is Sunday. I am actually a little nervous! =) Miss you guys.... Barb, if you don't have a TT bike by the time I come out to Cali, I will get you a smokin deal at my store on something!

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