Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's a SWEEP!!!

Sunny skies and wind didn’t stop 28 ladies from coming out to test their time trialing skills at the PLT #2 today in Chesapeake, VA. As we drove into the parking lot we all checked out the wind by watching the flag standing straight out letting us all know that we would suffer on the way out but enjoy a nice tailwind all the way home. We also found ourselves racing with temperatures in the 90s, something we had not encountered this year.

7 Vanderkittens were able to make it to the race so felines were seen in every category. Once again our Cheetah, Captain Cook, not only had a 35 second PR but again broke her own record with a time of 52:21. Ali Cat also had a PR with a time of 54:59 to again take the gold in CAT 4. I was able to capture first place in the 40 plus with a time of 56:01 so it was nice to have a sweep 2 weeks in a row.

Joie, Barb, Vanda and Susan were out there giving it their all and by the looks of their faces at the end of the race, had nothing left in their tanks. Way to go cats, we are all proud of each and every one of you for coming.

Laura and I have been doing a little “coaching” to our 007 kitten who was our guest rider today. Although her name remains “TOP SECRET” she did share with us one of her secret training methods which was to put a picture of Laura and I on her bike so that whenever she let her mind wander, she would have a visual of us to keep her on track. We are happy to report that 007 did just fine today.

Next stop for the Vanderkittens will be the PLT #3 next week where I expect to see more records and PRs.

Congratulations to all for a good time and good times on the clock.

BJ aka Podium Cat

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