Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cats Gone Wild

Maybe it's the weather but I'm not so sure. Cabin Fever has set in and when it's in the 20's in VA Beach, the Vanderkittens just don't know what to do. I've asked some of our felines what they are doing and I had immediate response with pages of their training schedules. These girls are very busy and are making every moment count. I'm not going to share our training secrets with all, but want to share the most important.

We have one who is hoarding nuts until Summer, relaxing and thinking about a trip somewhere warm. Planning to kick ass in a month.

We have one who is also using the deep elbow bend aka the Hand to Mouth Exercise. She's seeing immediate results in the mirror.

We're a breed that starts watching the weather channel for as long as we're watching spinning tapes. We're growing. We're felines. What else would you expect???

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Mr. Evans said...

A most excellent picture. Reminds my of Olivia Newton-John, "Let's Get Physical!"

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