Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Training - Brrrrrr

Most cats don’t like the cold and my cat, Tiffany, is no exception. She spends her January days going from the fireplace to sleeping on heat vents. In my next life I hope I come back as a cat so I can sleep all day long.

The bumper crop of acorns means a cold winter ahead and it’s definitely here. Temps in the 20s for a few days in a row means most of our riders at the beach have had to dust off their trainers and use their tapes for training. Erika has been leading spinning classes over at Bike Beat with some of our cats while Roberta has been doing the same at Inlet Fitness. Barbi Cat has been spending time in her garage with others spinning away. The pool at the Great Neck rec center is a home away from home for Kelly, Donna, Winnie, Claudia and Sherry. Winnie is collecting winter gear so she can soon brave the elements of January and start riding outdoors.

The cold obviously isn’t bothering Suszann one bit because she bundled up and attempted an outdoor run. Unfortunately she stumbled over a glob of hardened cement and went down. She hobbled home and jumped on her trainer and decided that staying indoors is safer for her although cabin fever has set in. She’s even named her trainer “Wilson” and needs the warm weather to rescue her.

I have put in more miles on my trainer in the last 2 weeks than I did all of last year. Although the temps usually don’t bother me, patches of ice on the road give me reason to stay inside as well. I have decided to pack up the family and take a vacation to Jamaica where I will cross train by swimming up to the bar to get an umbrella drink!

Belated Birthday wishes to Sherry, our Lynx Cat, who celebrated her birthday on December 29. We hope you had a special day and promise to give you a birthday spanking when we see you next!

Podium Cat

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